Ethiopian community Association of Omaha, NE

History of the Ethiopian Community

The Ethiopian Community Association in Omaha NE established in 2014 by those people who want to help each other and their alike. The idea of establishing an Ethiopian Community Association was for sometimes and it was implemented after the successful fund raising for helping the rehabilitation of those people by IOM who were deported from Saudi Arabia in April 2014. The association is a nonprofit organization registered by the state of Nebraska. The association helps all descendent Ethiopians for mutual purpose and good will. It is an association without any restriction or favor of specific political, religious racial descriptions but stands the sake of common good cause and success.

The Ethiopian Community in Omaha stands for all good causes and contributed for the resettlement of hurricane Victims through the American Red Cross and actively involved in all community activities of greater Omaha and all over United states The association has an approved memorandum of association and bylaws by the general assembly of the members that assigns by election an executive committee and a board to lead the overall activities of the association every two years. The association income would be the contribution of members and if necessary, any governmental or regional charities who believe in the good cause of the American dream.

Ethiopian Community in Omaha with the collaboration of Hanscom Park Methodist Church launched a successful zoom conference and panel discussion by Omaha’s main hospitals and the government health department chief epidemiologist.

The program was sponsored by Omaha Community Foundation, a continuation of the previous COVID victim’s support program. 
  The conference covered all major issues on how to overcome the increasing COVID infections and the cooperation of all concerned health care providers and communities to protect the population from a further health crisis.

Covid Relief Partnership

Donation to the community can be sent toon line the First National Bank of America and or by mail to the local First national bank.

4444 Frances Street , Omaha, NE 68105

Ethiopian Community