Ethiopian community Association of Omaha, NE

Goals of the Ethiopian Community

Goals of Ethiopian Community Association in Omaha NE
The Ethiopian Community in Omaha NE and the surrounding is working without any discrimination to any description of race, political, religion opinion, sexual orientation, gender, disability and alike.
To provide services and programs that help newcomers become self-sufficient, productive members in their new communities. To teach the next generation our good heritage and facilitate healthy lifestyle. To participate in forums and community events that involve the interest of refugees and immigrants.

The association is a nonprofit organization registered by the state of Nebraska. The association helps all descendent Ethiopians for mutual purposes. It is an association without any restriction or favor of specific political, religious racial descriptions but stands for the sake of common good cause.

The association will try to keep the good Ethiopian heritage and helps those who live in USA for the life adjustment in various ways. The Ethiopian Community Association strives that the next generation will be equip with all capacity as to be self-reliant and help good causes in USA and at native Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Community Association in Omaha(ECAO) is led by native Ethiopians and accepts all natives who believe in the goals of mutual purpose of helping each other in times of need.
To pursue mission of ECAO is to provide programs and services that help newcomers to the country become productive, self-reliant members of their new American communities; foster greater understanding among newcomers and the wider community; conduct outreach and education to increase public awareness about refugee and immigrant issues.

Donation to the community can be sent line to First National Bank of America and or by mail to the local First national bank.

4444 Frances Street , Omaha, NE 68105

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